Learn for the future with… FutureLearn!

I’ve recently been recommended  to visit a site called futurelearn.com. FutureLearn specialises in short courses for you to study in all manner of different subjects. Obviously I chose the ‘Explore Filmmaking’ course just to see if it can help me in any way. My first impression is that the courses appear to be a little on … More Learn for the future with… FutureLearn!

Great, kid! Don’t get cocky

Given the excitement around the new Star Wars trailer I thought I would upload some pictures of some models I built. From a company called Fascination, Inc. comes the ‘Metal Earth’ series. So far I’ve built a Millenium Falcon and an AT-AT. I’m hoping to get a hold of an X-Wing and build that next.

So Shiny, So Chrome

I’ll give you three guesses as to who recently watched Mad Max: Fury Road? I’m late to the party I know, but what a great experience it was, and that’s exactly what it is to watch this film, an experience. With its relentless fast-paced action and jaw-dropping visuals, combined with its strong characters and story, … More So Shiny, So Chrome

The Game Review

So I’ve had The Game on my shelf for who knows how long and I keep telling myself to watch it but I never seem to get around to it. So as part of my healthy diet, which consists mainly of frogs, I thought I’d best fix that, and I did. What a film! The Game … More The Game Review

Camera Research

I understood before I started researching that it was going to be difficult to choose which camera was to be my first but I think I underestimated just how difficult. I set aside an evening to research and decide which camera to buy and three days later I’m still not 100% sure which one to … More Camera Research